Psychodynamic Counselling


Psychodynamic counselling ‘does what it says on the tin’ - it promotes the dynamic growth and development of the psyche or self. 

We all have a conscious self that directs our everyday life, but also an unconscious part that can influence us in less obvious ways. This is the part that reminds us of past beliefs and impressions, which we may have internalised and repeat unconsciously. For example, an authoritarian caregiver, perhaps a parent or teacher, may leave us uncomfortable when facing figures of authority, perhaps a critical boss. 

Counselling can help bring the unconscious into consciousness, so old beliefs can be thought through, and new ways of thinking and being developed. The counsellor will not direct, but fosters a good relationship in a safe space, in which difficult issues can be talked about in collaboration.

Psychodynamic counselling can help with many issues, such as relationship problems, bereavement, divorce, abuse, loss, depression, anxiety and identity. Some people come at times of distress, others wanting to get in touch with more creative aspects of themselves before making changes in their lives - it can be used as short-term focused work for a pre-set number of weeks, or be open-ended for ‘as long as it takes’. 

Anne Griffiths offers psychodynamic counselling. 

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