Professional Practice Consultancy

Professional Supervision

Practising family mediators are required to have regular professional supervision (called consultancy) provided by a professional practice consultant who is approved by one of the Family Mediation Council's membership organisations.

Nicholas von Benzon has been a professional practice consultant since 1996.  He has over twenty years experience as a family mediator, has qualified as a solicitor and as a relationship counsellor.  He now works as a mediator (family and civil), a trainer and supervisor.

His Professional Practice Consultancy provides:

  • ongoing support throughout the mediator's professional practice;
  • individual and where possible group supervision meetings;
  • telephone consultation;
  • observations;
  • approval of Summaries and other documentation;
  • Legal Aid Agency file reviews;
  • support through the accreditation process.

Nicholas currently charges £90/hour plus vat for professional practice consultancy, but is happy to agree a tailor made package to meet the needs of your particular practice including face to face supervision, telephone consultation and the review of documentation.

For further information please contact Nicholas by telephone on 01242 220601 or email


Neighbours & Boundaries

We help neighbours resolve disputes which are affecting their comfort, their security and the enjoyment of their property, without the expense and worry of Court proceedings.

Church & Religion

We help deal with conflict within the faith communities, whether it is between individuals, clergy, or congregations

Wills & Inheritance

Mediation can resolve disputes over wills and inheritance which can otherwise destroy families

Family Relationships

Using practices developed in family therapy, therapeutic mediation aims to reduce conflict by improving communication and understanding

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