Litigation can cost your business many thousands of pounds and many hours of management time and worry.  Mediation offers a way of resolving commercial disputes quickly and efficiently, and leaves open the possibility of maintaining an ongoing business relationship with the person or organisation you have been in dispute with.

What sort of disputes can be dealt with in mediation?

Any sort of commercial dispute can be mediated.  What is required is willingness on both sides to find a solution and avoid a long and expensive battle.  Mediation can be used to resolve disputes with:

  • customers about the supply of goods or services;
  • suppliers;
  • professional advisers or consultants;
  • employees or between members of staff within a business.

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Neighbours & Boundaries

We help neighbours resolve disputes which are affecting their comfort, their security and the enjoyment of their property, without the expense and worry of Court proceedings.

Church & Religion

We help deal with conflict within the faith communities, whether it is between individuals, clergy, or congregations

Wills & Inheritance

Mediation can resolve disputes over wills and inheritance which can otherwise destroy families

Family Relationships

Using practices developed in family therapy, therapeutic mediation aims to reduce conflict by improving communication and understanding

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